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A successful organization is not just about business.  It’s about how the people in that organization function, both individually and as a team.  If you are reading this, chances are, you want the organization that you are part of to be a healthy, enjoyable and productive workplace.  Perhaps it already is, or perhaps it is not, but you’d like it to be.  Either way, ongoing coaching can help build and maintain cohesiveness amongst your team.  You know that a healthy team with people who enjoy their work will produce better results and productivity.  But how does that happen?  Is it pure luck that some organizations seem to be filled with excited employees who just love to work?  Of course not.  Those organizations have made it a priority to invest in growth development.  It isn’t luck, but it is possible.   Intégré Leadership Development offers a variety of services specifically tailored for corporate businesses and organizations.  We offer day-long, short-term or on-going coaching which can include leadership development, team building or enneagram coaching.  We use a variety of methods in our coaching and our clients find their time with us to be inspiring, invigorating and effective.  Give Intégré a call or send us an email and let’s make a plan together on how to help your organization become a place that people are excited to be a part of and personally invested in growing as a team. It’s time to grow.




What clients are saying:

“My family and I moved to Montana a little over a year ago from Maine. As my coach, Anna has been a huge support in helping me prioritize my goals and process feelings of emotions that one would expect when moving far away from friends and family, starting a new job, settling kids into a new school and settling into a new “home”. She also has helped me realize the difference between realistic expectations vs. unrealistic expectations to have of myself and ways to hold myself accountable. Anna has a keen ear for listening and a pure heart that allows her to pour into genuinely caring and helping the people she is coaching. Anna has some unique, fun techniques to be able to turn overwhelming flights of ideas into exciting goals. Anna is very professional and I feel lucky to have had the chance to work with her.”

Billings, Montana

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