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What is the Enneagram? Let’s start with this. It is NOT a personality test. It might be likened to a personality test, but it is actually almost completely opposite of that. Personality tests are great. There are several really good ones out there (we recommend the Myers Briggs test). But while personality tests focus on how a person interacts with world around them, the Enneagram focuses on why people have the natural feelings and reactions that that they do. The layers to the Enneagram are actually quite complicated and in truth, it is a study. It’s not a quick read and a simple answer. If you’ve read a book and/or taken a test and think you know your number but have stopped there, you’re missing out on the full power of the Enneagram.
While it has recently taken America by storm, the Enneagram is actually an ancient study and can be traced back to 3rd century Egypt during the days of the early Christian faith. So, if you are asking if the Enneagram has “Christian” roots, the answer is yes. However, it was slowly spread throughout the ancient world and can be traced in other religions as well. It has “gone to sleep” at times and has popped up in other places, times, religions, and philosophical theories since then. That is the quick answer to an entire study of the origins of the Enneagram.
The Enneagram is a 9 point system that works off the belief that each person instinctively operates from 1 of 9 perspectives. Imagine these perspectives as the glasses you see the world through. Each person, perhaps due to their disposition or DNA (there are various thoughts on this) heard, or at least perceived that they heard a very specific message at some point in their early childhood. Enneagram students refer to this as the “childhood wound.” At the time of that accepted message, it was as though they chose that pair of glasses and put them on, thus becoming the way that person viewed the world moving forward. A person can move from unhealthy to healthy responses, but their lense will continue to be from that perspective as long as they live.

No, each person is one specific Enneagram number/type, but they do have the ability to access different numbers in specific situations.  Each person can practice and learn how to access other numbers. While one can go to another number or “visit” that number, they will always return home to their own number. For example, if you are a 3 and your spouse is a 9, you might learn about the 9 tendencies and meet your spouse on their level when in conflict in order to have an empathetic and different perspective than your own.  But that doesn’t make you a 9.  You are still a 3 who has learned how to relate to a 9. Again, a very quick answer to a complicated question.

It begins with digging in and finding out what Enneagram number a person is (it’s not a sprint, it’s a study). This process should not be rushed as it can lead to mis-typing and a lot of confusion. Once a person knows what Enneagram number they are, they can begin their “Journey toward Growth.” This includes learning about that number’s core motivations and growth paths, along with other key areas that explain why a person with that particular Enneagram number naturally responds to situations the way that they do. The next step is learning how to stop “coping” or “reacting” and instead choose how to respond in a healthy and new way. It can be a challenging study, because through the process, a person can feel exposed and truly seen, which doesn’t always feel good. It includes learning not only the good part of oneself, but also the shadow side that the person may not even know about or like/appreciate. It is through this process, that one first becomes aware, or awake, and then learns how to become the true and authentic person that they were created to be. It can be said that once a person understands themselves and the various paths they can operate in, meaning anywhere from a stressed reaction, to coping, to a chosen and healthy response, it becomes possible to use the Enneagram as a sort of GPS or rumble strip to keep you on the healthy path that you choose. This is why it is important to know and understand your number for true growth. It is when we understand why we do things, that we can learn and understand how to grow.
When you are introduced to the Enneagram, you’ll begin to hear words like “wings” and questions like “what is your wing?” First of all, you have 2 wings and don’t let anyone sell you short on this. While you may currently lean on one specific wing more than the other, you can and probably have accessed both wings at various times of your life. So what is a “wing” anyway? A wing is simply the Enneagram numbers on each side of your dominant Enneagram number. When we “lean” on our wings, it means we pick up the tendencies of those numbers closest to us. So, for instance, a “4” on the Enneagram would have a “3” and “5” wing. How and when they lean on those wings is all part of the learning and growth process. There are other words you might hear, such as “triad” or “intelligence center,” or “subtype.” Don’t be overwhelmed. These are just layers that help “zoom in” on the unique make-up of who you are. Imagine yourself as an onion. At the very core is the most unique part of who you are. Each layer of the onion is like another layer of you and the Enneagram helps to reveal who you are and why you process the world through that specific lense as we examine and learn about that specific layer.
Well, first of all, it’s important to ask yourself if you are ready. That seems simple but it’s not. If you are in a really vulnerable spot and have substantial unresolved trauma, we recommend that you hold off Enneagram work for now, and begin your personal healing and growth with a licensed counselor or therapist. There is ZERO, let us repeat, ZERO shame in therapy. And, many wise, mature and healthy advisors would say that people should always be in some sort of therapy as part of their self care and growth commitment to themselves. It is when you are in a fairly healthy state and able to look deep within yourself, receive some challenging information and perhaps criticism without resentment or denial, that you are ready to begin your Enneagram journey. When you are ready, the work is some of the best and hardest work you’ll ever do. The good news is that we are here with you through the journey, have the tools to help you, and offer the support and a safe place for you to do the work. Each course is led by a certified Enneagram coach who has done the work, and has the credentials to confidently lead you through this complicated yet incredible process. We offer multiple courses to walk through with you as you learn, understand and grow using the study of the Enneagram. Is it quick? No. It is fun? Sometimes. Is it hard? Yes. Is it worth it? Absolutely.


This 7 session course is packed with discovery and tools for your Enneagram growth. It includes 2 typing assessments/typing confirmation sessions and 5 coaching sessions. This course is designed as the first step for any individual with zero to moderate understanding of the Enneagram and would like to begin their deep dive into their Enneagram number.

Curriculum is as follows:

  • Session 1: Typing Assessment 1 (2 hours)
  • Session 2: Typing Assessment 2 (2 hours)
  • Session 3: Enneagram Overview and the “4th Way” explanation, Specific Enneagram Number Overview, Core Motivations, the 4 paths of Growth, and Internal Messages (90 min)
  • Session 4: Triads, The Hidden/Shadow Side, Relationship Growth, and How to combat the internal messages (90 min)
  • Session 5: Wings, Alignment and Self Correction (90 min)
  • Session 6: Childhood Patterns, Childhood Messages/Wounds, and Defense Mechanisms (90 min)
  • Session 7: Transformation and Growth into Your Healthiest Path (90 min)

This 6 session course is a continuum of the Enneagram Journey toward Growth course and is designed for deeper understanding and exploration of one’s Enneagram number. Each Enneagram type has 3 subtypes which is related to 1 of 3 Instinctive Responses. This course will include a subtype assessment as well as the study of other deeper levels of the Enneagram. The ideal client for this course will be ready to take a more intensive and personal look at their Enneagram type and have a strong interest in growth development.

Curriculum is as follows:

  • Session 1: Overview and Review of Enneagram (90 min)
  • Session 2: History of the Enneagram (90 min)
  • Session 3: Instincts and Subtypes with Assessment (2 hours)
  • Session 4: Enneagram Virtues
  • Session 5: Moving into Presence 1 (90 min)
  • Session 6. Moving into Presence 2 (90 min)

This client specific course is designed for the individual who desires a deeper look into the Enneagram and is ready to grow in their ability to live in presence with God, others and themselves. The intensive curriculum is based upon the client’s goals and understanding of the Enneagram and will include a book study, journaling, self reflection, and weekly challenges. The ideal client will have a solid understanding of the Enneagram, know their dominant Enneagram number, understand their Intelligence Center and know how and when to access both of their wings. They should know their 4 Growth Paths and spend most of their time operating in the healthier 2 of their 4 paths with the understanding of how to recognise and re-align when operating in their unhealthy paths.

This client specific course is designed for the individual who desires personal growth in the following key areas: physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and relational. Your coach will guide, challenge and support you using the understanding of your specific Enneagram number and how that impacts your strengths, weaknesses and blocks in each of these areas. Clients may request coaching on specific life changes such a career, relationships or the possibility of a residential move or lifestyle. Using the Enneagram to help decode hopes, dreams, and struggles, the client will be able to truly grow in a way that works uniquely for them and has life-long benefits.


Contact us for more information about our Enneagram courses and we will be in touch shorly.



What clients are saying:

“I’m such a fan of Anna and her coaching abilities!  I had taken several Enneagram tests with results differing each time and I was left to feel like it just wouldn’t work for me and I’d likely never know my Enneagram number.   Anna spent hours with me testing and evaluating and now I fell confident that we have accurately arrived at a number. So much more than that though we were able to dive in to how I can grow and what my strengths and weaknesses are. As a leader and a parent I find it very helpful for those around me when I choose to grow myself. I highly recommend Anna!! “

Billings, Montana

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