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We all need some encouragement from time to time.  And sometimes we need someone who is specifically in our corner and excited to help us do a bit of dreaming, set goals and help us accomplish those goals.  Intégré Leadership Development has a coaching program specifically designed for students that will help them find their voice, use their voice and build confidence as they learn to assert and advocate for themselves.  Student goals might include reaching a new physical health level, making a sports team, raising an overall GPA, getting caught up with missing assignments or making plans and goals for the next stage of life.  Intégré works with each student to design a unique plan that meets their individual goals and we do so through asking powerful questions, providing a safe space to process, teaching new techniques, providing tools for growth and teaching the student how to be their own best advocate.

So what is the format and what can a student expect from our time together? We begin by spending a couple of discovery sessions exploring the student’s goals, hopes, strengths and weaknesses.  We will set some “S.M.A.R.T” goals which are designed to be achievable for the student.  After we put a unique plan together, our sessions will consist of a “check in”  to see how things are coming along, discuss any new feelings or changes that the student would like to process or get feedback on, go over any growth challenges that we set from the previous session and discuss steps that the student chooses to commit to before the next session.  The first 1-2 discovery sessions will last about 90 min each and after that, each session will last 60 min.  These sessions are usually done over live video with the coach and the student,  but from time time, it can be done in person if it works better for that specific situation.  We ask that a student commit to a minimum of 5 sessions for the best results.  Please note that while the parent is responsible for payment, it is the student that is the client. We want the student to feel respected and safe to process their own growth through the coaching experience.  Coaching is not therapy and should not be looked at as replacement for therapy.  If it is determined that a licensed therapist or counselor is a better fit, we are happy to refer.

Thank you for your interest in our student coaching.  We work with students of all ages and education levels.  Please provide the following information below and we will be in touch shortly.



What clients are saying:

“My experience with Anna as my coach was wonderful! At each session, she was always prepared with great notes from the previous session. At times when I didn’t really know what direction to go in our conversation she always had the right questions to ask to help me figure out some of those answers. During a difficult time, Anna was instrumental in helping me realize my purpose and excited about the possibilities ahead.”

Laguna Beach, California

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