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Feeling stuck in a rut?

Ready for a change but you’re not quite sure what that change is or how to get there?

You know it’s time for some personal development but you need the tools and encouragement to make it happen?

If you answered yes to any of these, Individual Coaching might be right for you. Coaching differs from therapy or counseling.  Rather than looking at past hurts or trauma, coaching focuses on the future.  In other words, it is all about movement from where you are not to where you desire to go. 

The following are areas that our Individual Coaching program focuses on:

Enneagram Coaching

Focus is on learning and understanding your personal Enneagram number, developing a strong foundation of the multiple facets of the Enneagram and tools for growth in each of those areas. 7 session course includes Enneagram number assessment and 5 development sessions.

Holistic Life Coaching

Focus is on examining your personal strong and weak areas of your whole self and how to grow the weaker areas in order to obtain and maintain true and whole health.

6 session course includes Self Exploration assessment and 5 growth development sessions.  Topics can include:

  • Emotional
  • Mental
  • Physical
  • Spiritual
  • Relational

Career Planning/Change Coaching

Focus is on identifying goals and dreams, ruts and roadblocks.  This course is ideal for both the young adult who is ready to begin career planning, the professional who is ready to make a change and the adult who has taken a break from the professional world but is ready to re-engage in the workforce.

4 session course includes assessment, and 3 coaching sessions

Chronic Pain / Illness Coaching

Focus is on identifying the struggles and gifts of chronic pain, how it affects your daily life, ways to live your best life in spite of chronic pain and how to improve your relationships when chronic pain is involved.

Tailored to fit the individual client’s needs.


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What clients are saying:

“My experience with Anna as my coach was wonderful! At each session, she was always prepared with great notes from the previous session. At times when I didn’t really know what direction to go in our conversation she always had the right questions to ask to help me figure out some of those answers. During a difficult time, Anna was instrumental in helping me realize my purpose and excited about the possibilities ahead.”

Laguna Beach, California

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