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So what is a leader  and who is a leader? It could be defined as an authoritative role such as a military leader or administrator that demands the respect of those they are in authority over. People are required to follow these types of leaders out of duty.  But we believe most leaders are everyday people who have vision and motivation for growth, understands how to set and achieve goals and not only inspire, but actually raise up people around them in order to create positive movement within their sphere of influence. This type of leader results in those around them wanting and choosing to follow them out of respect.  These types of leaders consist of parents, business professionals, community influencers, teachers, entrepreneurs, front-line workers, pastors, coaches, friends.  In other words, everyday people who desire to better themselves and those around them.   Intégré Leadership Development offers two types of leadership programs, individual and group.  

Individual Coaching

Individual Coaching consists of several Self Exploration sessions in which you and your leadership coach will discuss and explore areas of desired growth and goals, assess your strengths and weaknesses in those areas, and establish an individual program set to meet your unique growth goals. You will then meet with your coach on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. You will find your time to be supportive, exciting and challenging.  This program is not designed for someone who is simply looking for a good sounding board or therapy.  While you will find a safe and supportive place to explore your thoughts and disappointments, this program is focused on helping people who are already in an emotionally healthy state, already comfortable with personal development and ready to take their leadership skills to the next level.  You will have reading, homework and accountability which will be specifically designed to help you meet your set goals.  Individual Coaching  requires a minimum of 5 sessions.

Group Coaching

Group Coaching is a 6 month program designed for those who are interested in growth within a community team of like-minded individuals.  You will be placed in a group of 10 or less, meet monthly with your coach and your team, learn new and challenging leadership skills together, and encourage each other in your goals and growth development. You will find encouragement and support from your team and coach throughout the entire program.  Group Coaching includes one individual coaching session per month during the program.  This program is designed for those who desire new leadership skills, support, community and accountability and will challenge leaders to become more confident, empathetic, wiser and emotionally intelligent in their personal and professional lives. Please contact us for more information on how you can begin your leadership development journey.  The world needs better leaders.  Are you ready to grow?

Thank you for your interest in our leadership development services.  We work with small and large groups and offer team building, emotional intelligence development, team enneagram coaching, and individual, professional coaching.  We tailor each service to meet our clients needs.  Please provide the following information below and we will be in touch shortly.



What clients are saying:

“Anna Chapman assisted me with some life coaching this year and it was life changing! I am in Arkansas and she’s in Montana but our zoom meetings made it feel like we were just chatting over coffee. Anna walked me through some issues I was having a hard time reconciling with; whether to press forward or end the journey. She was so easy to talk to. Anna helped me see something about myself I had never noticed before and it helped me create a new, more enjoyable path. I am forever grateful! I highly recommend Anna! She’s terrific!”

Rogers, Arkansas

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